South Central Florida Life | Throw a Bone to K9 Veterans This Weekend

March 10, 2021

Nearly eight decades ago, the U.S. Army officially began training dogs as part of its War Dog Program. Despite all the advances in military technology, Military Working Dogs remain a crucial component of our national defense.

On National K9 Veterans Day, celebrated annually on March 13, Americans across the country come together to thank our four-legged friends who bravely serve and keep our men and women in uniform safe from harm.

Consider K9 Troll, a retired MWD awarded Ameri an Humane’s Lois Pope K-9 Medal of Courage. While deployed in Afghanistan, MWD Troll logged more than 12,000 hours over 89 combat missions, keeping troops safe by detecting buried IEDs, concealed tunnels and hidden weapons stashes.

If you see a K9 veteran like MWD Troll this weekend, be sure to throw them a bone.