The East County Californian | Make it an Eggceptional Easter for all Involved

March 19, 2021

For the majority of Americans who celebrate Easter, the beginning of spring offers a chance of new beginnings and renewal. Given the unprecedented nature of the past year, it is safe to say that families in every state are jumping at the chance to celebrate a return to normal.

And, for those hopping into the festivities, you can be sure that part of the holiday will feature egg dying, an egg hunt, deviled eggs and a vast assortment of other traditional foods where eggs are the key ingredient.

As those eggs take center stage, many may ponder exactly where the bounty in their hands originated. In fact, some 95 percent of Americans – 84 percent of whom will be celebrating Easter – are concerned about the treatment of animals on farms and ranches. So, it’s particularly heartening to know that when perusing the aisles of the grocery store, shoppers can take an active role in the promotion of farm animal welfare by seeking out and purchasing eggs from farmers who treat their birds with care.

Humanely raised hens, who provide all those Easter Eggs, are not raised in cages and are provided adequate space to move, food, water, light, health and allowed to engage in natural behaviors, such as dust bathing.

As we hunt in the yard or dine together, let’s be sure that the eggs gracing your festivities come from humane barns.

Ganzert is president and CEO, American Humane Society